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Hello to you!

About Shamir Islam:

Thanks for taking a peek on the about page. Welcome to my blog, ReBoost. I'm Shamir. A young blogger from Camp Half Blood. :P I'm also an entrepreneur and inbound marketer by passion.

Shamir Islam.

About ReBoost:

The ReBoost blog is for YOU. One of the main inspirations behind this blog was to talk about the most interesting things the internet has to offer, and share them with my audience. So basically, that's what I do here, and that's what you can expect to get from ReBoost on a regular basis. 

ReBoost is a blog about the trending stories and videos of the internet, interesting websites and products. I also talk about the cool apps and services that I find quite useful. 

One of my favorite hobbies is to talk about successful people online. Every once in a while, I review the lifestyle and portfolios of online entrepreneurs who inspire people like you and me, how they do what they do and how they achieved their success. And much more.

So stay with me, for all things out of the ordinary, content that you won't get anywhere else.

Oh, and here comes the tagline - wait for it...

ReBoost  is the place where viral meets innovative. [tweet it]

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