If J.R.R Tolkien Were an Advertiser, This Is Probably What You Would See

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Advertising isn't always what you imagine it is. And not always will you see ads that deserve being doomed to hell by Ad-blocker. A touch of creativity can always add new meaning to what we see all the time in TV, email, websites and forums. Yes, I'm talking about this guy, Valerio Amaro, who made sure that his two passions thrive on each other in his blog.

A student of Miami Ad School, Valerio has two passions in life. Advertising and The Lord of The Rings. Being A LOTR fan myself, I can understand how strong an influence J.R.R Tolkien can be in your life. So, using his famous lines like "Fly, you fools!" and "One does not simply walk into Mordor" and many other like it, he envisioned the works of Tolkien in modern day advertisements of some famous brands. Honestly, I think Rolex wouldn't mind incorporating "I am never late nor early. I arrive precisely when I mean to." in their next advertisement campaign.

Check out the works of Valerio Amaro.

One does not simple walk into mordor

I am never late nor early. I arrive precisely when I mean to.

Fly, you fools!

Speak, friend, and enter.

Not all those who wander are lost.

See more of his work in his Tumblr blog titled One Ad To Rule Them All.


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