650 Meters From The Ground, And These Guys Don't Even Flinch. Is This The New High?

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Imagine yourself  standing on top of the Shanghai Tower, the second tallest tower on earth, and suddenly discovering that you have no safety ropes to stop your fall. Scary, huh? That's exactly what these two daredevil Russian guys did a few days back.

No matter how brave you are, this is simply scary.

Two weeks ago, Vadim Makhorov posted this extraordinary image to Instagram. Seeing this photo, the question that immediately pops up on your mind is, where the hell did he take it from?

To answer your question:

Vadim Makhorov and Vitaly Raskalov posted this video on YouTube.

It took them about 20 hours to complete the ascent to the top of the tower. Not only did they climb atop the 632 meter high tower, they also climbed the 18 meter tall crane on the roof of the tower.

Not only them, at present it seems that the Russian youth has taken this pastime rather seriously. Because normal height is way too low.

Image Credit: kirill_opex


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