If Flappy Bird Is Really Down, Then What Is This?

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In what people are calling a  tragic turn turn of events, the owner of the currently popular game Flappy Bird
has decided to take his game down. Imagine that! A game that has been downloaded over 50 million times all over the world will no longer be available online for download.

Game over for Flappy Bird.

This is what the developer of the game, Dong Nguyen has to say:

The Revenue Is Not Dead, Mind You

But what will surprise you even more is the fact that even though the game is now down, Dong will continue to earn a healthy sum of around $50000 each day as long as he decides to keep the ads running. So yes, to answer your question, even with a game that is dead, the developer Dong Nguyen will see the cash flowing in. Isn't that wonderful!


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