4 Easy Steps Towards Mastering Anything

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All throughout our life we’re constantly in the process of learning. Everything, almost everything that’s learn-able, can be learnt through perseverance and persistence. But here are 4 easy steps that can shorten the learning curve and make it easier for one to master anything.

Learn the Basics

As disappointing as it might sound, learning the basics is a must for all sort of disciplines. If you know your basics very well, it becomes quite easy to master the advanced stuff later on along your journey. Do your math, get down and dirty, hustle. Without learning the ropes first, you can’t become the best in the trade.
For example, if you want to be a very good footballer, it goes without saying that you can’t possibly play a competitive match without learning how to kick the ball, or how to tackle, if you’re a more aggressive type. Same goes for any other form of discipline. Learn the basics and you’re halfway through.

Talk to Others

Talk to others to sharpen your skills.
One of the best ways to find out your weaknesses and improve upon them is to talk to your comrades. That can basically be anybody, not necessarily the Guru that everyone looks for. Go to forums, clubs, market, whatever it is that’s applicable to your niche, find out where other people like you hang out, go meet them or talk to them. You’d be surprised to see how much you can learn. People having the same interest and the same problems often come up with ingenious ideas to solve those problems. Never underestimate this option if you want to make any serious progress in your field. If you’re a newbie footballer, going to the stadium to practice would be the best idea. Or you could join the local street football club. Staying in your room and trying to master back flip isn't the most promising idea!

Find Out and Master the Tips&Tricks

This one’s actually a given. If you want to become good at something, you need to know the secrets of the trade. It might as well be the dirtiest secret, but in order to become an A-lister, you have to know it all. Doesn't matter how you do it. Not that you HAVE to implement all of those, but learn them anyways.
Remember, a good striker footballer also knows how to tackle hard.


No matter how many times I say this, I can’t possibly stress this enough. Practice is what helps you to perfect your craft. While this might not be true for a few rare exceptions, it holds good for most of them. By practicing, you’re giving yourself the chance to try out all those nifty tricks that you've learnt all along. Not only does this help you to find out your weaknesses, it also gives you a chance to improve upon them and turn them into your strengths. Practice is the pathway to perfection. I know, heck, I can even bet my Naruto anime collection that all of you have heard the following idiom, yet I can’t resist mentioning it again.

“Practice makes a man perfect.”

And that’s how it is.

If you've been following closely, you now know all about the 4 easy steps towards the perfection of any craft. While these are the basic guidelines, it may vary from niche to niche. So dig a little deeper into yours and stick to the basics, and success will be yours! 


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